Happy October everyone!

We are very excited to welcome 12 new robots to the technology department – 6 Dot robots and 6 Dash robots. Dash and Dot robots can be programmed to move freely, navigate mazes, speak, and complete small tasks. Students will learn how to code the robots using programs on the school iPads.

The applications used to program the robots use the same block coding that students have become familiar with when we were coding at code.org. To start off, students will explore the pre-programmed movements, lights, and sounds that each robot has. We will then start writing our own programs to teach the robots to do or say new things! Needless to say, the lab has been filled with excitement the past few classes.

We will also be continuing to learn new skills on Microsoft Word over the next couple of weeks, which should give students the tools necessary to type up any school work or formal reports they may have. Once completed, a list of skills each grade has learned will be provided to classroom teachers so they know what their students know how to do.

I apologize that I am unable to attend the parent teacher conferences this week, additional work commitments conflict with the scheduled times. I am at First Baptist every Tuesday and Thursday to teach technology, if you would like to meet with me prior to school or during the day when I’m not with a class I am always happy to do so. Please feel free to email me any time to discuss your child’s progress, what we are currently working on, or if you’d like to set up a time to meet. You can reach me at wnoiles@fbcs.edu.ky.

Hope you’re having a great October!

William Noiles


Welcome our new classmates – Dot & Dash!
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