At FBCS we stress the importance of 21st Century Learning. You might wonder what exactly that means for us as a school.   Many people suppose it just means using technology, but for us it is much more.   One thing is certain however, with the radical changes that technology has introduced to our culture, life will never be the same!    Education should also change with it in order to prepare students for the future.  21st Century learning is about emphasizing literacy and numeracy, & new literacies such as global literacy, health literacy, environmental literacy, digital literacy and others.

21st Century learning takes old forms, and replaces them with new ways of doing things.   With the use of technology across the curriculum in every subject students learn important skills they will need for life.    The Partnership for 21st century skills suggests that there are four critical skills that students need to learn in order to be successful – collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.   We intentionally strive to build these skills with our students in a variety of ways.

We also have a full computer lab, SMART board, mimio boards, two mobile laptop carts, and a set of ipads for classroom use.   Each classroom is equipped with a mounted projector so that teachers can access a variety of tools for use with students.

Our learning must be innovative, it must train students to work independently and collaboratively to acquire the knowledge and skills they need for the workplace, for jobs that do not exist today.