The curriculum at First Baptist Christian School of the Cayman Islands, is based on the North American system, allowing our students to successfully integrate into the continuing school system here in Cayman or overseas.

Our Curriculum includes a variety of resources including Standards of Learning from the United States, as well as Common Core standards that emphasize literacy and numeracy. We use the National Education Technology Standards for students and teachers (NETS) to develop the skills and knowledge that students need to have in the 21st Century. Our textbooks have all been purchased within the last 4-5 years. We also use a variety of web based sources, and applications to enhance student learning. Our most recent addition, purchased by our parent association (PTF) was the “Tumblebooks Library” which allows students to read & listen to books on the internet. You may even find some of your own favorites there with books featured by popular author Robert Munsch!

Kindergarten is an integral part of the total educational program at First Baptist Christian School. The Kindergarten program is designed to encourage and support children’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Children are involved in daily learning experiences with Bible, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science/cooking, physical education, Spanish, music, and technology. A key focus is placed on early literacy skills such as knowing the letter sounds and how to use these sounds to read and write. Numeracy skills such as counting, patterning, estimating and number stories are also highly emphasized. Small and large group activities provide children with opportunities to develop a positive self-image and the social and cognitive skills necessary for later learning.

Elementary School Program (Grades 1—6)

Language arts for first through sixth grade is a combination of whole language and phonics. Trade books and novels are carefully selected and used in conjunction with the reading series. Grammar and spelling are also emphasized. For math, hands-on learning using manipulatives is used in order to make abstract ideas become concrete. Skills are reinforced in and out of class by applying math strategies from classwork and workbooks. While a whole school strategy for literacy and numeracy is used, other subjects given to students at each grade are social studies and science.

Extra Curricular Activities

All students attend our weekly chapel service, and Bible Classes are an integral part of the curriculum. Our teaching program will allow children to grow and develop as Jesus did: in “wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52). Realizing that God made children to be active learners, a range of activities will be provided that are designed to meet the needs of children at their level of development along the growth continuum.

Computer Lab

Our computer lab enables our students to explore technology. Students learn keyboarding, various applications including Microsoft Office programs, flight simulation, video conferencing, digital photography, and programming. FBCS also has two mobile laptop carts, that allow technology to be integrated in core subjects in the classroom. This year we also added 10 Ipad3’s for students.

Spanish Lessons

Spanish lessons start in Kindergarten and continue through Sixth Grade, and gradually increase the students knowledge an language abilities in speaking and writing the Spanish language.

Music Program

Music is given to students from K-6th grade. In the younger years children explore music and movement, core concepts, and learn a variety of children’s vocal repertoire. In grades 5 & 6 students take Beginning Band, and learn to play a band instrument. Students also learn to play the recorder, handbells, rhythm and orph instruments. Vocal repertoire and performing in our annual concerts are also integral to the program.

Physical Education

Our physical education program is designed to promote physical fitness and well-being, as well as improve their motor skills, and strengthen their team building and social development. FBCS holds an annual track and swim meet, in which the entire school participates.

Library, and Accelerated Reader Programs

Our library offers many fun and exciting books, which students are encouraged to borrow and to partake in our Accelerated Reader Program. We also participate in the Scholastic Book discount program, which we pass on to our students, so they can start their own library and discover the joy of books and reading.