In order to apply for a spot in the school the procedure would be as follows:

  • Complete the application form found here. There is a checklist on the last page showing the supporting documents we need.
  • You can find information about fees on our Fees & Tuition Schedule page
  • Drop off completed forms and supporting documents in the school office or email them to
  • If there are any special circumstances (medical, mental etc) that may affect your child’s ability to learn please be sure to mention them on the application form and include any reports from the appropriate medical/learning professional. This is to ensure that we are equipped to accommodate any such circumstances
  • Pay the application fee of CI$150 (US$187.50) either in the school office (cash or check only) or online using the information found here

After documents have been received they will be reviewed by the School Principal who will contact you directly about next steps which may include a parent conference and/or student evaluation.

The Principal will make the final decision about enrollment.

If you have any questions about this process feel free to email or call (345) 945-7906

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