If you listen to outspoken atheists you will undoubtedly hear them say that the theory of evolution, put forward by the famed Charles Darwin, makes perfect sense and is supported by provable science.

The interesting thing about many people who don’t believe in God is that they will make these blanket statements without ever having seen the actual “evidence” they speak of. And, as I addressed in an earlier post, this can usually be attributed to the the fact that many of these people have already decided what they want to believe and now they’re simply looking for a belief system that supports it.

But what about actual scientists who have done the research? After many years of in depth study many atheists sincerely believe that evolution is the only explanation that actually makes any scientific sense. Are they right? Are Christians wrong?

So in my search for interesting topics to add to this blog, I found a surprising video from a professor who taught evolution theory and suddenly had a change of heart. Check it out below…

Evolution Or Creation? Which One Does Science Really Support?