WHERE: In the gym
WHEN: 12:30PM TO 2:40PM
WHO: All FBCS family are invited

It is always a pleasure to see our students become engaged in their learning and science is one subject that provides many opportunities for this to happen. This year 2018 we will be hosting another Science Fair on March 23rd, 2018 in the gym.

The categories are:

  1. Robotics – this is not a show of robots but the use of robotics to show programming skills.
  2. Engineering flow- Students will display structures that they have built that allows and object to flow. Example, a marble run, a water flow, a roller coaster, a combination of machines that move an object from one place to the next or a Rube Goldberg simple machine. See some examples below.


  • Demonstration of science experiments or models that Famous Scientist or inventors are well known for. Example, Archimedes screw. The student/s should be able to explain the contribution of the scientist or inventor to society and give a brief description of how it works.
  • Scientific process/Science Fair experiments- these are experiments with clearly identifiable variables (independent, dependent and controlled) The best in this category will have the option of entering the Rotary Science Fair.
  • Science project displays done in class can be showcased at the Science Fair.
  • PARENT/CHILD CATEGORY: A parent and child can enter this by building a simple or complex Rube Goldberg machine. See the video  examples below:




Looking forward to your participation this year.

FBCS Science Fair 2018