So perhaps your child is nearing that age where they’ll soon be transitioning from preschool to “big school” and you find yourself wondering what characteristics to look for in a good school.

Or maybe your child is already in elementary (or primary) school and you have no idea whether or not they’re at the level they should be for their age and, just as importantly, maybe you’re curious about what the following school year will have in store.

These simple questions can quickly become quite overwhelming when you consider the (literally) life-altering consequences one wrong choice can make in your child’s life. So how on earth do you arm yourself with enough of the RIGHT information to make an informed decision about choosing the best school for your child.

The answer is, of course, research. You need to ask teachers and principals the questions that will help you make sense of all the modern teaching resources and techniques currently available, whether there are being utilised by the school in question and, of course, the kinds of results they’ve been yielding.

Thankfully instead of having to schedule multiple appointments with the various teachers and trying to squeeze it all into a reasonable time frame, you know like less than a year, we’ve made it easy for you to do it all in an hour or so.

All parents are invited to attend this year’s FBCS Open House on February 1, 2016 at 5:30pm in the school gym.

Teachers from all grades (K-6) will be on hand to answer questions and give you an insightful and comprehensive look into the way we approach educating your child and the research to help clarify why we’ve chosen the particular approach we use.

This annual event is easily the best way to come see for yourself what a Christ-centred education really looks like.

First Baptist Christian School Open House 2016