Topic: 1Measuring Capacity

2.Measuring Temperature

Objectives: Estimate and measure capacity in cups.

Compare and order capacity of two or more objects.

Estimate and measure temperature on a thermometer.

Compare and order two or more objects according to relative temperature.



Topic: 1. Writing Correct Sentences


              3. Titles for People

4. Book Titles

Objectives: Recognise and/ write capital letter at the beginning of  sentences.

Recognise and/write end of sentence punctuation marks ( . ? ! )

Recognise that titles for people begin with capital letters and the correct punctuation

Use capital letters and punctuation in proper nouns and titles.

Write book titles using capital letters and recognise that a book title is underlined

Recognise capital letters at the beginning of the first word and other important words in book titles



GROUPS: Eagles: “Tell Me A Story”

                    Humming Birds: “A bed Full Of Cats”

                    Ducklings: ” Fun With Fish”


SPELLING: Words with the Long o, oa and ow sound

Group 1: Eagles:

Challenge Words:  

Group 2:

Humming Birds:



Topic: What lives in a Forest

Objectives: Students will tell what a forest is.

Rercognise that plants and animals have characteristics that help them to live in the forest.



Topic: Road Safety

Objectives: Students should be able to identify and explain the meaning of at least eight road signs.



Topic: Crossing the Jordan River

Objectives: Children will understand the importance of trusting

God with heart, soul, mind and strength.

Learn the consequences of not trusting.

MEMORY VERSE:  Jesus answered, “Woman, you have great faith!” And her daughter was healed at that moment

(Matthew 15:28, NIV 1984)

Topics/Objectives for March 6 -10, 2017
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