Day 1:

Monday – Europe

Story: ‘I will never not ever eat a tomato’ by Lauren Child

We Love Tomatoes!


Day 2:

Tuesday – Asia

Stories: ‘Guji Guji’ written by Chih-Yuan Chen (about ducklings and an “odd duck” aka a crocodile

                  being raised as a duck)

                 Me and My Cat’ written by Satoshi Kitamura (about a cat and a boy switching bodies)


Day 3: 

Wednesday: North/ South America

Story: ‘We’re Roaming in the Rainforest’ by Laurie Krebs and Anne Wilson


Day 4:

Thursday: Africa

Story: ‘How the Leopard Got Its Stripes’


Day 5: Book character Day.

Since we went ‘Bananas’ for Reading this week, PTF gave us banana and Ice-cream treat.

Thank You PTF!




Reading Week 2017!
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