MATH:  Fact Families; Skip Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s; Patterns; Money


Topics to practice for Terra Nova: Ordinal Numbers; Fractions; Tens and Ones

                                                                        Adding and Subtracting Two Digit Numbers

                                                                        Terra Nova Practice


ENGLISH: Capitalization and Punctuation, Writing the correct sentence,

                      Exclamations, Titles of People, Book Title, Days of the Week,

                    Months of the Year, Holidays, Commas in Dates,

                   Comma in place names

Terra Nova Practice


SCIENCE: Topic: The Forest; Raiforest; Desert; Ocean;


SOCIAL STUDIES: Topic: Imported Goods; Our Changing Community

                                                       Road Safety; Our Important Buildings


BIBLE: Topic: The Commandments; Joshua and Caleb; Gideon; Ruth

Terra Nova Practice


MEMORY VERSE: “Take the first fish you catch; oen its mouth

                                        and you will find a four-drachma coin”

                                        Matthew 17:27


Topics Covered From March to April
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