MATH: Topic; Adding 3-Digit Numbers

                              Explore adding three-digit numbers without regrouping. 

                              Explore subtracting two-digit numbers without regrouping.

ENGLISH: Following Directions

                       Listen to tips for following directions.

                       Listen to three-step oral directions.

                      Follow three-step oral directions.

                      Listen and follow directions.

Reading: Eagles: “Reading Comprehension”

                        Humming Birds: ” Reading Comprehension”

                      Ducklings: ” Reading Comprehension”

SPELLING:  Group 1: orange     short      story     corn    storm   four        

                                             horse       snore     store     more   floor   door          

Challenge Words: torch              organ             orchard

The or sound can be spelled o-consonant-e, oo, or ou

Group 2:  bone     cone    code      rode        rose           rope       

                     nose    hole   joke     hope     home       stone  

The long /o/ sound can be spelled o-consonant-e,   


SCIENCE: Topic:  Fossils 

                                     Review Rocks

                                     Identify examples of fossils and tell what fossils are.

                                     Describe how some fossils are formed.


SOCIAL STUDIES: Topic: Our Museums

                                        Tell what a museum is.

                                        List at least four things found in a museum.

                                       Write reasons why we visit museum.

Assessment: Our Museums

Practice for play; Esau and Jacob


 MEMORY VERSE: “Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life.

                                          The one who believes in me will live, even though they die”

                                           John 11:25

Topics/Objectives for May 29th – June 2, 2017
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