MATH: Topic: Geometry (3-D Shapes)

                Identify faces, edges and corners/vertices of three  

               dimensional shapes.

ENGLISH:  Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes

Reading: Eagles: “Reading Comprehension”

                        Humming Birds: ” Reading Comprehension”

                      Ducklings: ” Reading Comprehension”

SPELLING:  To be practiced in class only.

                         No spelling list will be sent home for the rest of the term.

                        Group 1: /ar/

                       Group 2: /igh & ight


SCIENCE: Topic:  Rock and Fossils 


SOCIAL STUDIES: Topic: Cayman Plants and Trees

                                        Recognize plants and tree found in the Cayman Islands.

                                        Discuss the uses of trees.

BIBLE: Elijah and the Widow

                Understand that God sent Elijah and the Widow helped him.

               They will know that the widow showed hospitality to Elijah.

Practice for play; Esau and Jacob

MEMORY VERSE: No memory  verses for the rest of the term.

Topic/Objectives for June 5-9, 2017
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