MATH: Compare and order whole numbers to 100.

                Find total for given parts.

                Write addition number sentences using + and =.

                Explore finding sum by adding zero. 

               Order numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest.

                Chapter Test: Concepts above



SPELLING: Words with short /a/

Group 1 words: 

Challenge Words: 

Group 2 words:  

Challenge Words: 

SCIENCE: Topics: Living and Non-living Things

                      Distinguish between and compare living organism and non-living things.  

                      Identify objects that are living and non-living.


SOCIAL STUDIES: Topic: Our Community

                                        Name the districts that are in the Cayman Islands.

                                        Identify the five districts that are in Grand Cayman.


BIBLE: Topic: The Life of Adam and Eve

                             Students will know that Adam named all the animals.

                             Adam was put in the garden of Eden to take care of it.

                             God made Eve from Adam’s side. 

                             The first family (Cain and Abel.)


Memory Verse: “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them.

                              (Revelation 21:3a)

NB. Parents, please ensure that your child studies the Memory verses

because they make up 40% of the bible grade.

There is a reward for the first students who know the memory verse.

Topics/Objectives for September 4-8, 2017
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