Topics: Vertical and Horizontal Subtraction

               Subtraction Number Sentences

Objectives: Students will subtract parts from a whole.
                        Explain that if you know the whole and one of the part,
                        you can always use subtraction to find the other part.

                        Subtract zero or find a difference of Zero.

                        Write subtraction number sentences using – and =.




SPELLING: Words with short ‘a’ , double final consonants and ‘ck’

Group 1

smell, odd, dress, egg, pack, rock, quack, sick, quick, black

Challenge Words: 

knock, dull, attack

Group 2

will, add, pass, egg, back, sock, duck, pick, stick,stack

Challenge Words:

truck, dress, odd


Text selection:

Jack and the Wolf by Chris Sheban(Fable)

The Three Little Pigs(Fairy Tale)

Reading focus:

1.Understanding characters 2. Story message




1.Adjectives to describe the five senses. 2. Adjectives in complete sentences


Informative Writing (Sentences that describe)

Focus Trait: Elaboration



Review: All About Plants




Families in our Community



Topics:  Jacob and Esau Continues

                Jacob’s Unusual Dream

 Objectives: Students will understand the importance of reconciliation. (forgiveness)
                     Understand that when we have done something wrong, our hearts feel sad

                     until we ask forgiveness.

                     Understand that God promised to protect and be with Jacob wherever he went.

                    Jacob knew about God but until his unusual dream, he did not really know God.

Memory Verse: “Because your heart was responsive and you
                                  humbled yourself before the Lord…I also have
                                 heard you, declares the Lord.”  2 Kings 22:19
Please ensure that your child studies the Memory verses because they make up 40% of the bible grade.
There is a reward for the first students who know the memory verse.
Topics/Objectives for October 30th- November 3rd
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