Dear Parents,

We are happy to see more and more students returning to school with improved health! We will support students who missed out on work, both in class and as homework. With three weeks left of school before the Christmas holiday, there will be two weeks of Literacy and Spelling while the last week will be spent in holiday themed writing and activities. Here is the PDF of the Week’s Spelling, Verse, and Reminders!Nov 28-Dec 2 PDF

Please read the following updates on the big Science and Social Studies projects the students are researching. You can help your student prepare for their Oral Presentation by having them practice at home. Teachers will be grading off of the following rubric, looking for things like eye contact, a good volume/tone of voice, having an organized presentation with a beginning, middle, and end. presentation_rubric


Science NEW due dates: 
The written portion needs to be completed by Wednesday, Nov. 30th. Students are working on this report during Literacy with Ms. M. They will bring it home on Tuesday night to finish anything they have not completed during school hours.
The posters no later than Friday, Dec.2nd.
Oral presentations will be given as students are ready throughout the next few weeks.
Social Studies due dates:
The written portion will be started in Literacy class after the Social Studies writing is finished. (First day of in-class work will be Dec 1st.) Therefore, the written portion will need to be completed by Friday, Dec. 9th.
Students will also get class time to work on the posters, which will also be due on Friday, Dec. 9th.
Oral presentations will be given the week of Dec. 12th.
Looking Ahead: Week of November 28th
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