MATH -Reteach of measuring to the nearest cm and mm

– Reassessment on measurement.

-Calculate the perimeter of an object using given measurements and using a grid.

– More practice on word problems.


-Ask how many mm is 3cm, 6cm etc.

-Ask child to draw and measure a line that is 145mm, 115mm etc.

-Ensure that child goes on Mathletics and complete assigned work.

READING  -Use text dependent questions to help with comprehension.


Use this website to help build comprehension skills.


GRAMMAR -Identify and spell special plural nouns. Example goose-geese; child-children Use your own knowledge of special plural nouns and ask oral questions while driving in the car.
SCIENCE How ecosystems change. They can change by natural methods-floods and fires and by living things like plants and animals.

Students used a cause and effect graphic organizer to help summarize information.

Ask child to bring home Science notebook so you can have them explain what caused the change in the ecosystem and what was the effect.
SOCIAL STUDIES Students spent time learning the dance.  
BIBLE The spiritual weapons we have as Christians to use in order to overcome temptations. (Ephesians 6:10-17) Read the scripture with your child and discuss.
ART Painted faux stones for the display for international night.  





Update for the week on November 7th, 2016
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