Hello Parents,

We had an over active four day week with choir rehearsals and International night preparations. Please see update below.

MATH -Calculate the AREA of an object using a grid.

– Being able to use the same figure to calculate perimeter and area.

– use a grid to draw the shape of an object if given the area.


-use this website (It has answers)




READING  -Use of images to help with comprehension.

-Readers Theatre: students read aloud their parts with expression and fluency.


Ask child to make a sketch of a description they read in their library book.


GRAMMAR -Identify and write words in the singular possessive noun. Example: John’s hat; The dog’s bone.  
SCIENCE Review on ecosystems and food chains for Science test on Monday 21st Nov. Go over notes in Science workbook. –pgs 33-37.

Quiz child on cause and effect notes(see note book) on how ecosystems can change.  Text book-pg 188-190.

SOCIAL STUDIES Students spent time learning the dance and preparing for International night.  
BIBLE Review on ways that Jesus prepared for Ministry. Go over revision notes that was sent home in bible workbook.
ART Create abstract designs mimicking Peruvian textile.
Updates for the week of Nov 15th, 2016
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