WEEKLY UPDATES for week of Feb 6th, 2017
MATHS Assessments done (papers will be returned next week).

Telling time to the half hour and in minutes.

Started calculating elapsed time.

LITERACY Worked on writing  stories with a good beginning, characters, plot etc.

Identify and use helping verbs has and have.

Reading comprehension:-drawing conclusins from what was read in Charlotte’s Web.

Wrote character sketches .

SCIENCE Explain and identify physical and chemical properties.

Revision for science test next Monday.

SOCIAL STUDIES What is water pollution, its causes and effects.

An experiment to investigate how filtration can help purify dirty water.

Websites for support and revision Time: http://www.teachingtime.co.uk/

Click on stop the clock and you can also use bang on time.

Science: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks2/science/materials/


Grade 3 weekly update for Feb 6th, 2017
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