Hello Parents of Grade 3A,


Please see updates about what went on in class this week.

MATHS Differentiate between digit, place and value.

Understand what each digit means in a 4-digit number.

Write, read and understand the standard, word and expanded form of a 4-digit number.

SCIENCE Understand the difference between observation and inference.

Practice observing and inferring skills.

GRAMMAR Differentiate between a complete and incomplete sentence.

Develop skills in joining incomplete sentences to make complete sentences.

WRITING Using clusters, tables and drawings to explore ideas in descriptive writing during the prewriting stage.



Homework due on Friday 15th September, 2017

SUBJECT DETAILS (due on Friday 15th Sept, 2017)
GRAMMAR English workbook plus-pages 2 and 4
MATH Homework Practice workbook page 3

Problem solving practice workbook-page 2

SCIENCE Worksheet on observing and inference.
SPELLING Learn words :

1.  saved

2.  moved

3.  riding

4.  waking

5.  pulled

6.  taking

7.  hopped

8.  baking

9.  picked

10.  having

11.  letting

12.  running

13.  drawing

14.  folded

15.  shopped


BIBLE Learn memory verse


Updates and homework for Grade 3A
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