Hello Parents please see updates and homework below:

Updates for the week of September 11th   (M. Seerattan)
MATH (3A&3B) ·         Read, write, and understand place value to 10,000.

·         Write 5-digit numbers in expanded, standard and word form.

·         Develop skills in solving word problems.

·         Mental math strategies – look for 10. Students should know all the numbers that add up to ten(2+8;7+3;6+4;5+5;1+9). This is then used to solve questions like 4+8+6. Ss identify 6+4=10 and then can easily add 10+8=18. All this is done without counting on fingers.

SCIENCE(3A&3B) Explain what is predicting in science.

Practice predicting skills.

List steps in the scientific process.

WRITING(3A) Use work done in the prewriting stage to draft a descriptive paragraph about their Superhero self and sidekick.
GRAMMAR(3A) Distinguish and identify statements and questions.
LITERACY (3A) We have being reading The BFG in class and spent some time looking at the comprehension strategy: Character analysis.

Analyzing a character through their actions and words helps the reader to understand why a character does what they do.

Here is a short video explaining this concept



As your child reads a book this week, have them talk about some character traits they see.




HOMEWORK FOR THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBE 18TH, 2017   (due on Friday 22nd Sept. 2017)                (M. Seerattan)
MATH(3A & 3B) Practice work assigned on Mathletics in preparation for Mid Chapter Test on Tuesday 19th September.
LITERACY (3A) Worksheet on character traits.
WRITING(3A only) Use worksheet to write a descriptive paragraph.
SPELLING (3A) Learn words given in agenda books.

  1. brilliant
  2. craggy
  3. crouched
  4. curious
  5. definitely
  6. delicate
  7. dormitory
  8. elastic
  9. enormous
  10. glistening
  11. hesitated
  12. imprisoned
  13. lavatory
  14. obviously
  15. smothered


BIBLE(3A & 3B) Learn scripture for the week.
Updates for Grade 3A for the week of September 11th, 2017
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