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Below you will find the concepts we have been learning about this week.

Please use this section as a guide to build your child’s confidence in the areas listed.

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Here are the updates for:

Week of October 9th

Literacy -Language Arts.


Chocolate Touch: Review Chapter 1-2

Build understand of how chocolate is made.


Comprehension Skill: Character Traits



Continuing to review books of the bible.

Why was Jesus Ministry so important?

Bible Memory Verse: Judges 3:7-9

Writing and Grammar

Descriptive Writing

Using the senses



Subject and Predicates

The who and what are they doing in a sentence.

Social Studies-

New Unit: “Here there and Everywhere”

Big Idea: The advancement of our world came about from exploring places beyond our own.

This unit looks into:

Why  people move?

What is a community?

How did people get around?

What are some notable explorers of ( land, sea, air and space)

Math and Science

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October 2

Literacy -Language Arts.


Listening and Answering Questions: Tie in with Social Studies.

Students listen out for important  from a speaker


-Ask questions using  keyword such as.

(who, what, where, when)


Continuing to review books of the bible.

Review the birth and Childhood of Jesus

Memory Verse: Deuteronomy 5:15


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Social Studies-

Natural Disasters :Presentations


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September 18-22nd, 2017

Literacy -Language Arts.


Locate information

Students should be able to locate information from a passage or book.


-Look for keywords in the question.

(who, what, where, when)

To determine what kind of answer is needed


Continuing to review books of the bible.

Jesus starts his ministry.

-What is the difference between a ministry and an occupation?

Focus Verse: Matthew 3:17


Memory Verse: Genesis 1:31- 2:1


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Social Studies-

Natural Disasters :Earthquakes

Students identified how an earthquake occurs.

How earthquakes are measured

-Basic safety position when in an earthquake.


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September 11-15th, 2017



Features of Nonfiction text

Students should be able to identify and give the function of:

-Table of contents



-Bold print

-Index and/ Glossary



Students are working on locating information from text to support answers

-give an opinion about what is read.



Continuing to review books of the bible.

The life of Jesus; his early years.

Story of Jesus in the temple

Focus Verse: Luke 2:52


Memory Verse: Luke 24:27





•              Read, write, and understand place value to 10,000.

•              Write 5-digit numbers in expanded, standard and word form.

•              Develop skills in solving word problems.

•              Mental math strategies – look for 10. Students should know all the numbers that add up to ten(2+8;7+3;6+4;5+5;1+9). This is then used to solve questions like 4+8+6. Ss identify 6+4=10 and then can easily add 10+8=18. All this is done without counting on fingers.



Social Studies-

Natural Disasters : Hurricanes

Students identified what a hurricane is and how they form.

-How to prepare for a hurricane


Identify statements and quetions

-Building stamina in writing.


Explain what is predicting in science.

Practice predicting skills.

List steps in the scientific process.

The 3B Weekly Review-
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