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Homework: Due on Friday Nov. 24th, 2017

Numeracy and literacy review Second story window booklet
Reading Read BFG – Chapter on Journey to London
Journal writing 5 or more sentences on the trip to the Mangroves.
Learn Spelling words and Bible verse  



Updates for the week of Nov 14th, 2017.

MATH: Measure and estimate length using metric units-cm and mm

Estimate length using mm, cm, m and km.

SCIENCE: Worked in groups to make a diorama of their chosen ecosystem. Students followed guidelines to ensure that they were doing what was required. The project must show a realistic representation of the ecosystem, names of producers, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores, populations and communities, a food chain, a map of where such ecosystems can be found and definitions of keywords found in an ecosystem.

Catherine Childs from the National Trust came to speak to the Grade 3’s about the Mangroves in Cayman.

Students went on a Field Trip to the Mangroves on Friday.

N.B. In order to finish the projects some Bible, Writing and Grammar times were used this week.


Have a blessed weekend.

Mrs. Seerattan

Updates and Homework for the week of Nov. 14th, 2017
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