This homework program has been designed to give children reinforcement activities based on some of the subject contact that was taught during the day’s class sessions. Please have a look at the following overview

Spelling focus – Children to complete the activities in the Spelling Workbook for this week’s spelling unit. The spelling test will be on Friday. Children will also be completing activities on Spellodrome, a sister program of Mathletics. This spelling work will be at each child’s individual level.

Math focus – Set activities will be given from the Practice Workbook or Textbook. To further extend themselves with Math, children can complete tasks on Mathletics or play the on-line math competition. Completing Mathletics will not be a homework requirement but I strongly encourage utilizing it at home as it is a great and rewarding tool for the children to use in improving their Math ability.

Reading, usually integrated with our Inquiry focus. – The specific activity for this night will vary each week. It may involve completing work from their Science Reading Support and Homework book, an activity from their Social Studies Workbook or a guided reading activity.

Grammar/Writing focus – Extension work is to be completed in the Houghton Mifflin grammar workbook.  The writing application must also be completed in their Writing Composition book.

There will usually not be any homework set over the weekend period. However, when projects are assigned it may be necessary to use the weekend to finish these projects or do extra research. The weekend may also be a good time for extra Math and Spelling reinforcement on Mathletics or Spelladrome.

Where the weekly homework will be written
This year each child will have an individual Agenda to write in their homework for that night. The Agenda can also be used to record other important school dates. This is also where specialist teachers, the classroom teacher and/or parents can make notes and communicate with each other. The weekly homework will also be posted on our class Blog at the beginning of each new week. Where homework is individually based or small group based, please refer to the Agenda where specific information will be written.

Homework expectations
The homework must be completed each night and handed in the following morning, with the exception of the Spelling work as more work is expected to be completed in the book. The completed work in the spelling workbook must be handed in on Thursday morning. If homework is not able to be completed, a note needs to be written and signed by the child’s parent explaining the situation. Any child, who does not complete their homework with a valid reason, will be required to miss out on their free time/recess to complete their homework. A homework sticker chart will be created and children will be given a sticker each day if they complete their homework. Children who consistently complete all their homework each week will be given a reward at the end of each grading period.

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