‘Stone Fox’

1.      Review ‘Stone Fox’ and any notes, quizzes or journal entries that you have completed.

2.      Create a ‘book jacket’ book report. Fold a large sheet of white paper so that it looks like a book jacket. Create a cover for your book jacket that illustrates the novel. On the inside flap, write a description of the main character. On the inside back flap, write 3 journal entries as the character. Then, on the back cover, write a detailed summary of the story.

3.      Be sure to create your own pictures, and not use the same picture that is on the front of the book.

4.      Write your own summary of ‘Stone Fox’.

·         In the first paragraph, state the title and author of the book.

·         Look for main ideas. What big, important events happened during the story?

·         Talk about the main characters. Who were they? Why did they do what they did? How did they change through the course of the book? What made you like or dislike them as you read?

·         Talk about turning points and the climax of the book.

·         Describe other important details. When and where (in what setting) did the story take place?

·         Give your opinion of the book. Was it good? What about the book made it good or bad, powerful or dull? You can and should use examples from the book to back up your claims.

5.      Have fun making your book report!


You will be graded on content, creativity and presentation. See the rubric for what to include. Please see me if you have any additional questions.


The book report is due on Friday, January 27, 2012.



Ms. Suckoo

Stone Fox Book Report
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