Ok! So…today I had THE BEST Stem activity planned for us to end the day with. I’m telling you, it included team building, hands-on, sweet treats, engineering and design…you name it! But alas…the staple ingredient to our activity…hmmm…melted? Yes, you read that right. We planned on engineering really tall, really sturdy marshmallow buildings (with the help of toothpicks), but all we really got were sticky, albeit, tasty blobs of white fluff. Oh well, at least we got the laughter and team building part in. Perhaps we’ll try again in the…uhh…cooler months? Until then, we were able to discuss how the heat made this activity more difficult and that with science, it’s okay for things to not turn out as expected, once we take from it and learn how to do things differently next time.

A Sticky, Stem Activity
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