A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair.

~ Katrina Mayer

Welcome to the story of Despereaux Tilling, a mouse who is in love with music, stories, and a princess named Pea. It is also the story of a rat called Roscuro, who lives in the darkness and covets a world filled with light. And it is the story of Miggery Sow, a slow-witted serving girl who harbors a simple, impossible wish. These three characters are about to embark on a journey that will lead them down into a horrible dungeon,up into a glittering castle, and, ultimately, into each other’s lives. What happens then? As Kate DiCamillo would say: Reader, it is your destiny to find out.

Here are Some Examples of Common Core Standards Covered in this Unit:

★Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.

★Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.

★Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details.

★Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges.

★Determine the meaning of words and phrases in a text

★Identify the main purpose of a text, including what the author

wants to answer, explain, or describe.


Here are Some Examples of Comprehension Strategies Covered

in this Unit:

  • ★  Text-to-Self Connections
  • ★  Visualizing
  • ★  Inferring
  • ★  Predicting
  • ★  Cause and Effect
  • ★  Vocabulary
  • ★  Defining Character Traits
  • ★  Using Schema
  • ★  Asking Questions/Wondering
  • ★  Using Text Evidence
  • ★  Compare and Contrast
  • ★  Changing Mental Images
  • ★  Taking a Character’s Perspective
  • ★  Answering Comprehension Questions
  • ★  Change over Time
  • ★  Identifying Story Elements

English:- Form plural possessive nouns.

– Replace weak nouns with exact nouns.

NOTE: Unit 2 Check-Up on Monday, 30 October.

Vocabulary: – There will be a vocabulary test on Thursday.

  1. diplomat (page 12) – an official who represents his/her government to other governments
  2. speculation (page 16) – thoughts or guesses about something
  3. fate (page 25) – power that is beyond your control that decides

    what happens to you

  4. conform (page 25) – to be the same as someone else and do

    what they say

  5. tribunal (page 35) – a court of justice

6. perfidy (page 45) – when someone is disloyal and betrays you
7. egregious (page 52) – very noticeable and bad
8. repent (page 55) – to feel sorry for your sins and decide to do

the right thing
9. implications (page 71) – the conclusion that can be drawn from

10. beleaguered (page 77) – having troubles

Math: – Identify nonnumeric patterns.

– Identify numeric patterns.

– Identify sequences.

NOTE: Math Chapter 3 Test on Monday, October 16.

Science: – Describe the stages in the life cycle of flowering plants.

– Describe how plants reproduce using only spores.

Social Studies: – Identify differences & similarities between urban & rural life.

– Explore Caribbean culture.

Bible: – Study Bible verse for Friday. Parents, please encourage your child to study their Bible verse every week. These do impact their Bible grades.

– Deduce that God’s Word is for all people, for all time.

– Use a time line and a map to enhance their study of the Bible.

God said, “I have found David, son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.” Acts 13:22



READING: Read for at least 20 minutes.

ENGLISH: page 33
MATH: Workbook page 417-418
SOCIAL STUDIES: Work on social studies project


MATH: Workbook page 423-424 (Fire Crackers 1-4, 8-10)

SOCIAL STUDIES: Work on social studies project
MATH: Workbook page 429-430 (Fire Crackers 1-2, 5, 7-9)
Objectives and Lesson Plans – October 16-19, 2017
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