Spelling – complete Lesson 7, p27 – 30.  Hand workbook in by Thursday.  Spelling Test Friday afternoon.  FBCS Spelling Bee 8:30am in chapel.  All are welcome!

Global Read Aloud. It would be great if students can get into the spirit of Global Read Aloud by connecting with other students around the world in the following forums.  We’ll be contributing to these forums in class but would be great if students took some time at home, particularly for the videos involved in flipgrid.

  1. Post a video to https://flipgrid.com/aisa1p3 or https://flipgrid.com/f11jorq
  2. Write a question or comment on https://padlet.com/jgarner94/LongWalktoWater

On a safety note…all these sites are safe for children, no personal data is saved or should be given e.g. address, family details etc.  All of these sites are also teacher created and moderated to ensure that content is appropriate.

Research – Students will be doing a little research and then writing a report on Sudan.  Children will have time in class to research information but will probably need to finish their research over the weekend.  We will start writing the report in class on Monday the 16th of October.  The students will be using Microsoft Word to write notes, cite their sources and write their report.  Can students please bring a USB pen to school so they can access their work at home and at school.

Literacy Homework October 9 – 16
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