Ok fact number 1- We live on an island.

Fact number 2- We have lots of sea creatures that are totally interesting and fascinating.

This month we studied all that the sea has to offer and show us.

We learnt about relationships between animals in the sea. We learnt about different kinds of animals- fish, reptiles, mammals that all call the sea their home.

So naturally at the culmination of the trip, we get to touch and feel some of these things.

Have a look at our field trips to Turtle Farm Wildlife Encounter AND Dolphin Discovery Water park. Both establishments had highly trained well polished professionals that made us learn even when we played.

2015-03-20 10.19.37


2015-03-20 11.06.10
How high can Lucky jump?


2015-03-20 10.14.17


2015-03-20 11.06.20
Pectoral Fin? No problem. They help the dolphin steer





2015-03-20 11.44.59

Under the sea- An above the water exploration of the ocean
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