As you know, we are into the third term now, and summer is fast approaching! In order to help students prepare for First Grade in the Fall, we are going to begin having a weekly spelling test.
Your child has a small booklet in their backpack where I will paste their word list and then the completed spelling test. Please help your child practice spelling the words several times during the week to prepare for tests on Wednesdays. You may practice in the booklet if you like.
Some ideas for practicing spelling words and keeping it fun:
Rainbow Write – write your words with one color, then trace over with another color and a third so your words look like rainbows
Window Write – write your words with a dry-erase marker on glass surfaces in your home (windows, mirrors, etc.)
Sentence Write – write a sentence for each spelling word, or see how many spelling words you can get into one sentence!
Typing – type your words on the computer using different fonts and colors. Email them to Mrs. White so she can see your fancy words!
Online – go to to find your spelling list and activities you can do to practice. If you are not sure which list is yours, ask Mrs. White.
Outside – write on the sidewalk with chalk, in the sand with a stick, or use objects like rocks, shells, sticks, etc. to make your words.


Super Spellers!
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