Caribbean kids never get a snow day from school. In Kindergarten we’ve been reading books about snow this week, so we thought we would bring the snow day TO school!

Shaving cream+Corn starch makes a marvelously messy, soft, fluffy “snow” that we were able to make into snowballs, snowmen, and snowy mountains. Our classroom floor looked like it had snowed inside afterwards, but thankfully it sweeps up easily! 😉

IMG_20160108_133143437IMG_20160108_130117012_HDR IMG_20160108_130125047_HDR IMG_20160108_130151842IMG_20160108_124934516 IMG_20160108_130207412 IMG_20160108_130223255 IMG_20160108_133108106


Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?
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