The children were introduced to the author Roald Dahl and two of his books.

Math- Pictures of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate bar and the chocolate river scenes from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were used to stimulate discussion and descriptive words. Students scrunched paper to form ‘sweets’. They then wrapped them in sweetie wrappers. This helps develop their fine motor skills. This was tricky for some of the children. In addition we played the ‘Sweetie Swoop’ game. The children ‘factory workers/ Oompa Loompas’ had to gather as many sweets into a cup, using a pair of tongs. They counted the number of sweets collected. This was the most popular game. Students made Play-Doh ‘birthday cakes’ and counted the candles as they inserted them to celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday.

Language Arts-1-roald-dahl-day-numeracy-collecting-sweets-in-the-chocolate-factory-with-charlie-fine-motor-skills6Students from KB watched an animated movie clip from the BFG.  They drew their ‘dreams’ on templates and sprinkled ‘magic’ dust on them. Then they created their Dream Jars with recycled water bottles, glue, and glitter. The students used their imagination to place their ‘dreams’ inside their jars.7  89

Roald Dahl Day -Kindergarten B
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