In Literacy we did an author study on Dr. Seuss. He was an amazing author that played with words. The use of Rhyme is heavily focused on as well as Alliteration. We have been learning to listen to words that rhyme. It’s a tricky skill to hear words that sound the same at the end. First we studied the book ‘The Cat in the Hat” and then ‘Green Eggs and Ham’. We discussed what foods we do not like but eat because they are good for us. We also discussed not to judge a book by its cover. Just because something looks like we won’t like it doesn’t mean that we won’t.

Integrating Literacy and Cooking, we made a healthy food collage on a paper plate. We also talked about where we go to buy our ingredients and healthy food as part of our cross curricular link with cooking.  We went on to generating some rhyming strings. Some of us were able to write a rhyming string to construct a ‘Cat in the Hat’ hat.

One week, we took a break from Dr. Seuss and then looked at ‘Clark the Shark’ by Bruce Hale. This author also uses rhyme. His focus is on morals, such as inclusion and following the rules. Children were able to acquire rhyming phrases to remember the rules. Children wrote a rule they thought was cool!

Rhyme Time
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