I am an enthusiastic educator who is  committed to the development of the whole child, their progression and achievement as a global learner. I have been fortunate to spend the past 5 years of my overseas teaching experience here in the Cayman   Islands. This past year here at First Baptist Christian School has been amazing teaching Kindergarten, through Christ centered education. With my many years of Early Years teaching experience as a qualified practitioner in the United Kingdom, I bring a wealth of varied skills to facilitate learning.

Educators play an integral role in children’s lives. I feel passionately that good teaching can inspire a child as well as their family to engage with their education. I strongly believe that it is important to involve the family in the child’s learning in as many ways as possible. Development of good home -school links is key to making a positive, holistic learning experience for the child. I am committed to providing a learning environment that facilitates, and enhances independent and peer learning balanced with adult-led, focused activities. I strive to provide an environment that caters for a variety of learners, which is fully inclusive and provides equal opportunities for children to achieve their full potential.

Miss Edwards


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