Kindergarten Topics:Second Grading Period1. Shapes/ numbers2. House/ school/ family3. ToysFirst Grade Topics:1. Food2. Clothing3. The face4. Family/animalsSecond Grade Topics:1. Clothing2. Food3. The body4. The family/ time clock5. Animals/ the houseThird Grade Topics:1. Food2. Community3. Gender4. The body/ face and emotions5. Animals6. The houseFourth Grade Topics:1. Definite articles2. Using numbers3. Commands and expressions4. Colors5. Possessive adjectives6. The body7. The familyFifth Grade Topics:1. Sports2. Numbers3. Sizes shapes and colors4. Prepositions/ tu and usted5. Subject pronounsSixth Grade Topics:1. Memorize- er verb infinitive meanings2. Memorize and apply regular- er verb conjugation3. Create your own sentences using regular- er verbs4. Memorize- ir verb infinitive meanings5. Memorize and apply regular- ir verb conjugation6. Create your own sentences using regular- ir verbs7. Review food and drinks vocabulary as you practice using er and ir verbs8. Create menus for projects9. Write and perform restaurant skits for possible filming.

Spanish Classes – Grades K – 6
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