This year I will be teaching your child Spanish, I will like to give you some information about what we’ll be doing for Spanish class. Here is a list of important aspect regarding Spanish class.

1. We will have Spanish class twice a week.

2. Each lesson will be 30 minutes for grades K-6

3. We will be using the curriculum  publish by McGraw- Hill as we did much of last year. Each grade level of this curriculum (K-6) includes reviewing  much of what was covered  in the previous grade level’s content and teaching new vocabulary and concept.

4. Students will have a copy of the work book.

5. Homework may be periodically and it will be on worksheets, a project, or studying Spanish vocabulary for quiz.

6. When students  are absent they will be expected to do the work we do that day (s)  they are absent. Some students will be able to complete the work they missed during class time when they finish daily task before the end of class time and then given time to complete any unfinished work in their workbook. Other students, however will need to get photocopy of the work we did in class from their workbook, complete the work at home, turn the work into the homeroom teacher, and then that work will be stapled into their workbook.

7. In Spanish class we have our own set of rules, consequences and reward which we go over thoroughly the first week of school. We will also review the rules periodically.

8. I encourage students to explore and learn “Extra” Spanish outside of class time. You can also encourage them to do this by:

1. Websites for learning Spanish.,htt:/ the explore Spanish words and games), www.learnspanish-kids.html.

2. Computer CDs: you can go to this websites, see description of CDs for kids to learn Spanish and order online if you wish . htt:// kids.html.

3. Books in Spanish: These can be order from by searching for “children’s books in Spanish”. Some of these books in Spanish include: Curious George, Dr. Seuss . The cat in the hat, say Hola in Spanish. If you have any question regarding in Spanish class our anything I’ve mentioned in this letter. Please feel free to call me at the office, 945-7906. I’m looking forward to a great year with you and your child this year! God Bless You!



Dear parent/ Guardian
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