MATH -Measure to the nearest cm and mm inch

-Estimate and measure metric units of length

– Solve word problems by working backwards


Pick some objects around the house and ask your child what unit of measurement(mm, cm, meter and kilometer) they will use to measure the length.
READING  -Use the main idea and supporting details from a paragraph to summarize.

– Use a dictionary to look up the meaning  of words.

Pick some random words and get your child to look it up in a dictionary.
GRAMMAR -Identify common and proper nouns

-write plural nouns using –s, and -es

Ask child to spell the plural of nouns ending in sh, ch, x and y with a consonant before it. Example, church(es), bury(buries, brush(es)
SCIENCE Characteristics of land and water related ecosystems:

-freshwater(pond. Lake, river, stream)

– saltwater(ocean, coral reefs)


– grassland

-Tropical rainforest

-Temperate rainforest

Ask child to describe a few of these ecosystems. Ask questions like, what kind of temperature, how much rainfall, names of some animals and plants.
SOCIAL STUDIES Students spent time learning about Peru and learning a dance for the evening.  
BIBLE Ways in which Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness. Ask child to tell how Satan tempted Jesus and how can he/she can overcome temptation when it comes his/her way.
ART Making a collage using geometric shapes and lines.  




Update for the week of October 31st, 2016
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