Please note the dates of the TESTS.



















BIBLE-Unit 7 on Tuesday 14th Feb (notes and revision done in class)

SCIENCE TEST ON: Mon. 13th Feb (classify materials into solids, liquids and gases and list and describe the properties of matter. Website for revision is

Click on changing states and solids, liquids and gases.


-Complete booklets on watercycle. (Only for students who were unable to finish it in the two weeks that we spent working on it in class)

– Social Studies workbook-page 9 Activity to make a solar still. If students can take pics and have them emailed to me that would be nice.


Mathletics activity on Time.


Digital readworks assignments. Log on to digital readworks. Class code AGBXM2 and the password is 1234.

Homework due on Feb 17th, 2017
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