Topics/Objectives March 20-24, 2017

MATH:  Topics: Skip Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s                  Review: Writing fact families to 15. Objectives: Students will use patterns to skip count by two’s, fives and tens.                          Use hundred chart to identify and continue skip-counting. Assessment: Skip-counting   ENGLISH:

Topics/Objectives for March 13-17, 2017

MATH:  Topics: Relate Addition to Subtraction/Fact Families Objectives: Students should be able to solve problems(add and                           subtract) using related addition and subtraction facts.                         Explore writing fact families to 15.                       Understand how fact families are related.                      Know that

Topics/Objectives for February 20-28, 2017

MATH:  Topic:  Objectives: Estimate and measure length in centimeter.                          Estimate and Measure Length in Inches. Assessment: Measure Length in Centimeters and Inches                   ENGLISH: Topic: Adjectives with er and est Objectives: Identify er and est adjectives in sentences. Assessment: Adjectives                       

Topics/Objectives for January 24-27, 2017

MATH:  Topic: Terra Nova Practice/ Adding 3-single Digit Numbers                   ENGLISH: Terra Nova Practice   READING GROUPS: Eagles: “Reading Comprehension”                                          Humming Birds: “Reading Comprehension”                                          Ducklings: “Reading Comprehension”   SPELLING: No New Spelling Words.                         Students will spell words that they

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